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Visualised as a “school for learning” for children, teachers and parents, the physical space of Shikshantar reflects beauty, thoughtfulness and interaction with the elements. For the child it represents a place where a variety of modes are available for children to weave in and out of large and small group and individual places of learning; a space where children feel a sense of belonging. Classrooms, libraries, laboratories and activity rooms are laid out in varying forms to inspire interaction and active participation. Well-ventilated and well lit, classrooms with large windows are designed for comfort in varying weather conditions of North India. The positioning of the rooms allows breeze to blow through the east-west and north-south air corridors.

Shikshantar is situated on two separate plots of land, separated by a distance of only fifty metres. The infrastructure for each site is self-contained and as per the requirements of the specific age group.

Middle and Senior
The Middle and Senior School is built on 6.2 acres of land. It houses classes VI to XII; well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, computer, home science and geography; a well-stocked library; spaces for art and pottery; music rooms – both Western and Indian; dance rooms; amphitheater; a 370-seater auditorium; a multipurpose hall; football field, cricket nets, basketball court, table tennis and badminton courts; equipment and space for gymnastics; AV room; Meditation room; Resource room; Medical room and Lunch room.
Various balconies and terraces are used for circle time, project work and group interactions. A massive Snakes and Ladder, the ramp, rock garden, butterfly garden and vegetable garden – all contribute to creating a physical space that evokes sensory and interactive experiences