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Shruti Sharma 

Shruti Sharma is an English teacher who gets excited about ideas- literary, artistic and motivational. She has done Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) from Jesus and Mary College. She is also a Post Graduate in English from Delhi University and has done B.Ed. After teaching Primary, Middle and Secondary School children for twelve years in conventional schools, she moved to Shikshantar in May 2013.  Shruti strongly believes that the spark to learn is inherent in all humans. A facilitator’s skill lies in helping the learner discover it and kindle it. Her love for young learners and her belief in the need to make education meaningful connects her to Shikshantar.
She enjoys being with students and likes to do new things. A compulsive reader, Shruti can read through storm, rain, hail and sunshine, eating, drinking, standing and sitting. This helps her enrich her literature class with stories, anecdotes and extensive extra reading.
She is a sensitive soul, the silent rebel with new causes. Though essentially a dreamer- an idealist, she is pragmatic at the same time; always striving hard to strike a balance between the two.


Sujasha Dasgupta 

Sujasha Dasgupta is a senior art facilitator in Shikshantar. She has been associated with Shikshantar for the last seven years.
An illustrator and graphic designer by profession, her heart turned towards teaching after discovering how progressive education nurtures the learner and helps connect with the inner being, resulting in wholistic development and an integrated personality.
Working with children has proven to be an immensely gratifying experience as each day she discovers their pure spontaneity and vivid imagination. Having struggled to unlearn her own structured thinking, she realises how important it is to encourage the spontaneous and original expression of each child.
She is passionate about inculcating in her students a deep understanding of the intrinsic connection of nature with all forms of creative expression. She believes that awareness, sensitivity, observation and analysis are essential for creativity.