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ICSE and ISC Results (2017-2018)
ICSE and ISC Results 2017-2018

First Vishvas Open House Interaction

Theme for the session: A shared journey – Towards Independent Living

“Self-propelling motivation and belief is the only force to nurture and reckon with and diffuse social barriers”. This essence was taken forward in the session facilitated by Dr. Asha Singh and her daughter Ms Maya. An expert in the field of Child development, Dr. Asha Singh, shared her research based valuable inputs to the parent community. Profound insights of her journey as a parent possessed the potential to inspire the educators as well as the parents.

Maya’s effervescent sharing of her attainment of academic, social and professional milestones generated hope and opened new avenues. Through Maya’s narratives from her school years and workplace, Dr. Singh emphasized on the fact that children thrive if a dyadic relationship is premised on implicit trust and belief in their abilities. Sharing the possibilities for independent living, she further elaborated on the significance of having small supportive groups. These groups generate belief, positivity and unflinching support that help nurture the individual optimally.

An interactive and thought provoking session, it left us with a reflection that to overcome any challenges in life, we can learn to convert our despair into humor and laughter. Finally, consistent and collaborative efforts will continue to create a positive and enabling environment for self reliance.

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Exhibition of Summer Experiences

Summer Experiences Exhibition in Class II

Come end of summer break, and the walls of Shikshantar are abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm of starting afresh. A feeling of returning to the familiar, albeit refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed, envelopes the school. This energy becomes the ground on which children reconnect with their friends, didis and bhaiyas, and environment.

The first week in primary school is an opportunity to children to share their summer experiences, learnings and explorations. This time, such a sharing was facilitated through exhibitions wherein each group invited another to view their summer projects. Tables were set up to display a myriad of creations. Handmade jewellery and 3D models (both moving and static!) inspired from reused objects, reading logs with painted covers of books, math games involving addition and subtraction, and stories supplemented with handmade puppets – these were some of the displays at our exhibitions! Children waited patiently for their peers to come to their exhibit, and when someone did, they talked at length with them about the same. Their peers reciprocated the excitement with attention and curiosity.

All in all, the most prominent feature was the children’s visible sense of ownership and confidence regarding their work. They truly celebrated and appreciated each other’s work and in doing so, they welcomed back each other with joy and love.

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POSH Training Session on 26th December 2017 for our support staff

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Loving Kindness and Respect – Teaching by Venerable Geshe Tenzin Namdakon on 3rd Nov 2017
The interdependence of child, parent and teacher

“Know your mind first, to be able to understand the minds of others”, echoed the words of Venerable Geshe Tenzin Namdak as he addressed a gathering of students, teachers and parents at Shikshantar. Sitting under the Champa tree, Geshe la appeared to be the Buddha himself. Still face, gentle demeanour, serene energies and words of wisdom continued to flow in the spaces.

Geshe La touched upon the profound nature of student, teacher and parent relationship. An institution grows through the spirit of humility, compassion and respect for each other. To enter the orbit of happiness, we must be aware of our feelings, thoughts and must be able to train our minds. Meditation is the key to this – may seem to be difficult in the beginning but can be mastered with consistent practice. Expansion of inner happiness is achieved by treating all we come across with kindness, empathy and respect. This is the basis of true and harmonious relationships.

Quoting his experiences with people from various walks of life, Geshe La was able to reach out to each and every soul through his teaching. From what we were yesterday, to what we are today, to what we can be tomorrow; we must consistently strive to evolve as individuals.

Geshe La Tenzin Namdak responded to questions from students, parents and teachers – What is the right age for a student to begin meditation? , Why do I lose focus and find it a challenge to meditate?, Why do those whom we love fail to understand us? With a smile on his face, Geshe La asked, do we understand ourselves?

A lot to sink in our souls and absorb, we will continue to do so for days to come. Geshe La you have left us with a lot to ponder on and with the quest for more.

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Refresher training session for our Drivers and Conductors bhaiya’s by Pasco Automobiles on 14th October 2017

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Training Session on 4th March 2017 for our support staff by Tata Motors – [Hamare Bus Ki Baat – Let’s help make bus travel for children a happy experience]

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Campus Bird Count 2017

The Campus Bird Count is a sub-event of the larger Great Backyard Bird Count. It is a coordinated effort to document the birdlife in multiple campuses across India.

A team from Shikshantar participated in the Campus bird count event this year, an initiative taken by the Science Committee of the Student Council. The procedure is to identify and count all species detected in every 15 minutes of the walk in a particular location. The checklists of the entire duration of the walk is uploaded for every 15 minutes on ‘eBird’ which is an online checklist program, launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. eBird provides information on bird abundance and distribution.

Birding enthusiasts from Classes IX and XI gathered at the school on Saturday, 18th February 2017, at 7am in the morning to count the various bird species frequenting the mini habitats. The team comprised 12 students and 5 facilitators. The walk was led by Mridul Anand, an avid birder and a student of Class XI. The walk started from the primary wing. The team was full of excitement to see these creatures in their natural habitat but had to remain very calm as silence is the main key to observe the beautiful ones in their natural niche. Children were equipped with cameras and binoculars as they didn’t want to miss a single glimpse of these birds. From the Primary block the team moved to the Senior block and then the team covered the Pre-primary block. By 9 am the team had been able to spot 27 species of birds in the school campus.

Two spotted owlets peeking through metal pipes in a very adorable manner were the highlights of the day. Some of the other species spotted were Red-wattled Lapwing, Eurasian Hoopoe, Rufous Treepie, White Wagtail, Purple Sunbird, Oriental White eye, Shikra, Brahminy Starling, Common Tailorbird and Asian Koel.

The observations led the team to conclude that our campus is suitable as an avian habitat. The checklists can be accessed through the following links:

Ashy-Prinia    Asian-Koel    Jungle-babbler    Purple-Sunbird-(F)    Purple-Sunbird-(M)    Red-wattled-Lapwing    Spotted-Owlet    White-Wagtail

Training Session on Fire Extinguisher for our support staff – [Safety and Security are always on high priority] – 25th February 2017

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Sports Day for Classes IV to VI

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Open House Interaction for Class VI

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SUPW activity in Senior School

During the last two weeks, the students of Class IX have been engaged in a very interesting hands-on activity. A semi open shelter is being constructed to house a Kiln that will be used for firing the clay models and pottery made by the students!

The structure was designed by students along with architect mentors Sanjay Prakash and Anubha Kakroo. Now, as part of their SUPW classes, the children are building part of the actual structure.

The children worked out their own patterns with bricks and brick tiles, and built the low height ‘jaali’ walls with their own hands. They learnt how to apply mortar, place and level bricks, how to make stable structures and position joints. With the intention of recycling waste, used bottles were also incorporated into one wall, making it an eco-friendly structure.

In the second stage, the students are designing and laying a mosaic floor with broken glazed tiles.

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Open House Interaction for Class VIII

The Third ‘Open House Interaction for Class VIII was held on 30th January 2016. The objective of the session was to introduce children to the ICSE framework of Classes IX and X. The Open house Interaction was facilitated by Garima didi and the subject facilitators of Class IX.

The session began with a presentation on the assessment pattern in Classes IX and weightage of marks for the subject papers as well as SUPW. Then the children were apprised about Group I and Group III subject options. Under Group I, the children have to choose between the three language option offered to them, i.e. Hindi, German and Sanskrit. Under Group III, children have to choose from 4 subject options, i.e. Art, Physical Education, Computer Applications and Home Science. The concerned facilitators presented the details of their course, assessment patterns and the project work involved. After this, the gathering was apprised of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), an alternate medium of assessment.

Post the presentation, the session was opened to parents and children for sharing their thoughts and queries. It brought up several concerns from parents and children alike. This session was well received by all and helped the children in thinking about the subject combinations that would be most suitable for them in Classes IX and X.

Open House Interaction for Class VII

The Second Open House Interaction for Class VII was facilitated on 30th January, 2016. The objective of the session was to help parents further their understanding of their children as adolescents.

The First Open House Interaction had aimed to communicate the perspectives of the children to parents. On the brink of their adolescence, children are faced with numerous changes and challenges-physical, emotional and intellectual. A need was felt by children and facilitators to communicate openly to parents about these changes and their impact on self and others. To take this process further, the Second Open House Interaction was seen as an opportunity for parents to reflect and gauge the impact of their attitudes and behaviour on their children. Sunil bhaiya facilitated session on ‘Understanding Psycho – Social Development of Children: Erikson’s Perspective’. Erikson’s theory was seen as a tool to help parents in the process of reflection. Some studied situations of children and parental behaviours were also shared to built in the context for the session. The session was well received by all and helped each one present reflect on their own behaviour and interactions with the adolescent.