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Curricular Practices

The pre-primary day is designed to give each child space to reflect upon and assimilate her daily experiences. Children engage in small or large groups- working on projects; exploring toys, books or puzzles; conducting simple age-appropriate experiments; weaving and narrating stories. Small group interactions allow children to accommodate and share each other’s needs, resolve interpersonal conflicts and reach out to peers in need. There is also opportunity for a child to be by herself when she so wishes; for exploring nature- tree climbing/ nature walk/ collecting twigs, seeds and flowers; for recognizing and and indulging her own preferences in Choice time. Every child gets one-on-one time with didis to facilitate any particular interest in learning or to address specific issues and concerns through dialogue and reasoning.

Children of different pre-primary groups interact with each other frequently during the morning outdoors time, the choice time and during the many festival celebrations at school.

Art, music and drama are an integral part of our curriculum. Bi-weekly explorations in the Art Room and Music Room give children an opportunity to explore and experience new techniques and colour, musical instruments, rhythms and patterns. In the classroom, stories come alive as didis facilitate and encourage role-play, pretend play, story dramatization and free expression.