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Team Members


Seema Upadhyaya

Seema Upadhyaya is the Head of Primary School. With a post graduation in Business Management, Hotel Management and corporate experience, she moved on to connect with progressive education in 1998.

Her passion to understand and learn more about children and education led her to undergo the Waldorf Teacher Training Programme. She worked as a Waldorf teacher and later associated herself with the Sri Sri Vidya Mandir Schools.

The journey with Shikshantar began with its inception. Through her experiences at Shikshantar, she has deepened her understanding of experiential learning, classroom practices, curriculum and teaching methodologies. She has grown here from a teacher to a Curriculum Coordinator, Supervisor and now the Head of Primary School.

Putting down her musings as an educator interests her and she contributes to her blog whenever the urge to share her observations and learning grips her. “My learning has been in the road taken to travel so far… and I continue to walk.”


Amrita Sinha

Amrita Sinha is the curriculum facilitator and coordinator for class I and II.

The stepping stone in the field of education for her was the ‘Teachers’ Training Program’ at Aurobindo Ashram. This was followed by Bachelor’s and Master’s in English and Bachelors in Education. The extensive teacher training programme from the progressive school Mirambika took her on a journey of integrated and experiential learning. The intense three years long teacher training program provided a base for her to understand progressive education, integrated learning and whole language approach. The journey continued with Shikshantar which shares a similar philosophy and vision of integrated and progressive education.

Her association with Shikshantar has strengthened her belief in Experiential and Progressive Learning and Integral five-fold Education. Ten years of close company with young children has reinforced to her the importance and need for a curriculum to evolve and revolve around child’s growth. She has also designed and implemented an effective and inclusive curriculum for the special needs children.

As a curriculum facilitator and coordinator, she believes “Learning is a spiral with depth and breadth as goals” and for her- Education starts at birth and never ends…