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Visual and performing arts and various literary experiences are considered an effective and powerful medium for self-expression and skills development. They are interwoven with the curricular experiences.

Visual arts
Children work with various art forms, colours, techniques and media during the art time. Pottery is introduced Class VI onwards. Clay modelling, coil and wheel pottery, carving, weaving, installation, puppet making, tie and dye, animation and photography are included in the art experiences.
All classes are actively involved in the process of creating and integrating art displays during school events and celebrations. Specialised art workshops are organised to build awareness about specific art forms.

Performing arts
Music and dance forms from various parts of the Indian subcontinent are part of the curriculum. Children are introduced to Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kathak and Manipuri dance forms through presentations by facilitators, slide shows and simple step-wise demonstration of postures.
Drama is introduced in its most elementary but essential form through story dramatisations from Kindergarten onwards. Children are involved in script writing and development of their drama presentations. For more complex themes, the school engages experienced theatre facilitators who enable children to learn the finer nuances of theatre.
Music, dance and drama presentations are taken forward through themes and group experiences. They become part of ‘Hamara Manch’ which is a reflection of children’s creative experiences.