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Assessments Practices

Children are assessed on the basis of their willingness to learn and the efforts they make to reach their goals. Based on a comprehensive evaluation system, evaluation in the school is a combined effort on the part of teachers, parents and the students to better understand the learning experiences for each child.
children are gently guided to understand the inherent strengths, virtues and potential that they possess within themselves. The objective is to recognise the progress that each child makes in his/her own learning curve.
Teachers use daily class observations, childrens’ creative pursuits, informal assessments, group and individual goal settings as indicators of progress and development. Evaluation at Shikshantar is also a source of inspiration and learning, and not a time for judgement and fear.

Our Assessment Tools

  • Discussions and leading questions
  • Group observations
  • Individual observations
  • Learning indicators
  • Worksheets
  • Quiz programmes
  • Presentation of work in note books
  • Home assignments